Payment & Security

Payment and Data Security

Teal Europe Ltd is a fully PCI compliant business. This means our systems and internal practices are regularly audited to ensure a consistently high level of data security. We use Shopify Payments one of the world’s most trusted payment providers to securely process card payments.  Alternatively you can process your payment with PayPal using their secure online system, just choose PayPal at the checkout.

VAT policy

Our prices remain the same irrespective of where you live, with a single global price for each product, inclusive of all relevant VAT charges. If you live outside of the EU, for example, the Channel Islands, then your price will already include the absence of VAT charges. This means that your price will not change even if your local VAT rate is different from the UK rate. If you are a VAT registered business, we can provide a VAT receipt in respect of the items purchased from Paddle and Surf. Please note that some items are not VAT rated e.g. Children’s clothes. Any VAT receipts will be made out to the account holder and sent to the address quoted on the account.