• Heavy-duty, quad-wheel kayak trolley perfect for heavier kayaks, Canadian canoes, sups and small boats/tenders – its extra-wide wheels allow it to travel easily over most surfaces
  • High quality & adjustable cradle kayak trolley from legacy watersports – comes with securing straps to keep kayak in place when in use – maximum loading capacity 80kg
  • Marine grade, anodised aluminium construction making it lightweight (only 4.5kg) whilst still being very strong and corrosion resistant to saltwater
  • Handy kickstand for easy kayak loading which helps keep the trolley upright while placing the kayak on the prongs when using alone
  • Quick-release, solid ABS wheels allows it to fold down very neatly for easy transportation/storage and easily fits in the rear storage well of most kayaks. Solid ABS wheels will also never puncture.

The Legacy kayak trolley is engineered to extremely high standards and provides a simple, hassle-free solution to transporting your kayak and kit down to the water. It’s extra-wide wheels allow it to travel easily over most surfaces as the weight is spread out over a wider surface area. The larger frame also allows it to take a lot more weight and carry bigger watercraft.

The trolley is manufactured from high-grade anodised aluminium and comes with solid ABS all-surface wheels that will never puncture or go flat. The wheels have a durable rubber finish offering excellent cushioning and grip across all surfaces. The trolley will dismantle in seconds, making it easy to stow in your car, home or on the kayak if you need to take it with you whilst on the water. Its universal construction means it can be used with virtually any kayak or canoe.

The Legacy cradle kayak trolley also comes with a very useful adjustable kickstand which keeps it in an upright position while you load the kayak. The kickstand can then be folded neatly out of the way when not in use.

The trolley comes with a securing strap to hold the kayak in place and to reduce any movement when travelling over uneven surfaces.

It has a maximum loading capacity of 80kg.

Weight 4 kg


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