Sizing Info

Sizing Info

We have gone through an extensive process calculating and deciding the measurements of our products, which includes creating samples for a range of people to try and making any alterations before the production process begins. However, getting an item like a wetsuit to fit every body shape and type can be tricky so, we’re continually improving the fit, altering measurements and developing our products based on customer feedback. Therefore, we’d always recommend checking our size guides before ordering anything (even if you have had one of products before) to ensure you pick the best size for you. If you’re new to wearing a wetsuit or haven’t worn one in a while, they can feel tight and uncomfortable at first. However, the closer the fit, the better it will keep you warm in the water. But a wetsuit should never feel constricting so, if it does, you probably need the next size up. If you have any loose areas with excess material, you probably need a smaller size. If you’re in between sizes, we’d usually recommend going for the larger size. We’re always happy to offer any advice regarding sizing so, feel free to contact us with any questions.

Trying your wetsuit on

Even with all the technology in a wetsuit, they can still be damaged – particularly by long fingernails. If you’re struggling to get a wetsuit on, please take care not to tug directly on any seams or on the soft chest/back panels. Also, take care when zipping the wetsuit up (especially with a back zip) and ask someone to help initially if you need to. We’d also recommend removing any sharp jewellery or watches before putting your wetsuit on to avoid rips – and to save your jewellery too!


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